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Feeling at home in our life is one of the best experiences we can have 

Photo by Cathy Lopez

About Me

If you are on a home-seeking journey, on the path for a while or thinking about starting out, I hope you will find something here that speaks to you and gives you courage. The journey home to yourself is the one worth taking. Life happens where you are and it’s best when you’re really there. 


Our work will be about nurturing more compassionate relationships within you, which leads to easier, safer and richer connections with others. It’s a sacred path and I’m honored to collaborate and guide. You’ll discover how much wisdom, creativity and joy lives inside you, along with losses to grieve and traumas to heal. The gifting and treasures you seek are within you, closer than you think!

"Every pain, addiction, anguish, longing, depression, anger or fear is an orphaned part of us seeking joy, some disowned shadow wanting to return to the light and home of ourselves" Jacob Nordby


I Meet You Where You Are

The journey itself reveals the capacity you have within you for a life that is meaningful, satisfying, and fun. 

What Routes Do You Take To Find Home?

Do you try to find home in people, experiences and things outside of yourself? Do they offer moments of brightness but leave you feeling homeless in the deep places? What if your longing, frustration or sadness is the door to the connection, inner worth and belonging you are seeking? Internal Family Systems and Coaching help you be compassionately present to yourself and access the vision, healing and courage you need to live your life more fully and authentically.


If it seems too difficult to begin or hope,
I offer this poem...

The way home may appear dark, cold and perilous.

 Lights you can’t yet see will guide you there.

Friends you thought were enemies, will welcome you

in joy, and even sweeter grief, for the too long separation.

From who you really are.

All that seems to keep you from you, that yawning length,

Is bridged by wonder, where darkness and light are co-equal paths.

In the too much cold and dark you figured out safety.

That brave and so smart child can come out now. Ready

to meet more of you than you ever thought possible.

Finding Home by Sherry Golden

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