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IFS and Spirituality

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy” Rumi


The inner work associated with Internal Family Systems therapy is often experienced as deeply spiritual by people of different faiths and those with no faith at all. It proposes a wisdom, goodness and compassion at the core of each of us, a flame that is part of a much greater Light. The existence of this core is revealed when deeply traumatized and burdened parts of us receive even the smallest dose. In this Presence, what seems immoveable or impossible is able to shift and change. IFS calls this profoundly compassionate, wise and non-judging center of us Self. It’s available to us when we can “unblend” or separate from parts with specific beliefs and agendas, usually developed to hide or protect us when we were children. The IFS model helps us access enough of this healing force within to help parts of us who are suffering and stuck find a way home to their true gifting and nature.


Blessing the Body   

 - Jan Richardson

This blessing takes one look at you

and all it can say is holy.

Holy hands. Holy face. Holy feet.

Holy everything in between.


Holy even in pain.
Holy even when weary.
In brokenness, holy.
In shame, holy still.


Holy in delight. Holy in distress.
Holy when being born.
Holy when we lay it down
at the hour of our death.


So, friend, open your eyes
(holy eyes). For one moment
see what this blessing sees,
this blessing that knows
how you have been formed
and knit together in wonder

And in love.


Welcome this blessing
that folds its hands in prayer

when it meets you;
receive this blessing
that wants to kneel in reverence
before you: you who are

temple sanctuary, home

for God in this world.

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