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How I Work

"Listening is where love begins - first to ourselves, then our neighbors."  Mister Rogers

I don't see you as a problem to be solved, though you will likely bring a problem to our work that you are unable to solve. Whether you want to do better, be better or feel better, that problem is the door to information and resources you don’t yet know you possess.


You also have stories that urgently need to be told. Sharing our stories wisely with safe others is vital to feeling at home and connected to the people in our life. Paradoxically, while you are the bearer of these stories, you are also the most important hearer. Together you and I will co-create the space where your stories can be spoken and received at the level of safety, honoring and attunement they need and deserve.


You are resourced far beyond what you know. Using principles of Coaching and Internal Family Systems (IFS) I help you access your own inner wisdom, clarity and vision. Coaching is oriented to opening possibility and next steps in the present. IFS is oriented to helping parts frozen in the past who have no access to choice until they are healed - and healing them. Both put you in touch with deeper ways of knowing and being you and feeling more at ease and alive in your life.


 “... go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows."  Rainer Maria Rilke

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